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Shakespeare Code Revealed

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“The Cross at Pig Hill is a novel of political violence and hopelessness, repressed lust, despair out of the abandoned west of Ireland. Walsh’s voice is funny, sly, and self-mocking. His lines of burnished brass ring musical; and his tale of innocence gone wacky remind one of Celine’s laughs and tears.”

– Mark Jay Mirsky, Editor, FICTION

“Definitely a fine talent…dialogue excellent…great sense of place.”

Pat McCabe, author, THE BUTCHER BOY

In his debut novel Reggie Walsh cracks a Shakespeare Code where the defiant Bard makes a stunning defense of the Christian Gaelic tradition as being inextricably tied to the might of England’s historical past. Using a Gaelic word to unlock a crucial Latin phrase, the Code in turn reveals the names of the royal family of Lear and established the royal prerogative of rule by divine right. It is a masterpiece, an ingenious flow of mesmerizing word play – Shakespeare at his best.
The dialogue fairly well gallops along – it happens to be simultaneously funny, poignant, madcap and bitter. It’s like a healthy dose of Flann O’Brien. His ability to blend the poetic with the humorous, without lapsing into sentimentality or outright caricature, is a gift that deserves to be noticed.


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